The Inspiration

My name is Nate Spurgess and I am passionate about Marketing and Sports. I grew up in a town called South Lyon in the state of Michigan. Being located just north of Ann Arbor, MI I am a huge Michigan fan along with all four of the other professional sports teams associated with Detroit. I also enjoy hunting and fishing and really everything else being associated with the outdoors. I have a thrill seeking side as well, which is why I am working towards my certification to Skydive solo. Thus far, I have made two assisted jumps and am looking forward to more! I currently reside just South of Grand Rapids, MI and absolutely love it. It truly feels like a different state as I had grown up on the “east side”.

My Blog, “The Marketing Hot Corner”, is a focus on current trends in digital marketing. The digital marketing landscape changes as quick as a line drive to the “hot corner”. It is my goal to share some insight into this world and share knowledge and opinions that you will find both useful and entertaining.


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