Customization is KING!

The trend in our society is that we want things to be customized. We want the items that we purchase to be unique to us. As a result, business owners have poped up to meet that demand. They see opportunity in customization where large manufacturers simply cannot compete. They do not have the ability to tailor to a single consumer. But how do specialized or niche businesses reach their customers? What marketing mediums do they use to say “we have exactly what you are looking for!” Most importantly, how do they create a trust with their prospective consumer to make them comfortable with their purchase.,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNHOyNLB_zZ249qNnKPZQfgoj8cI1Q&ust=1429022506500603

To best answer these questions, I offer you a real life example. In West Michigan, micro brewing beer has taken off. It is a highly successful industry nationwide and it has caused an immediate rise in home brewing. People can make their own beer in their homes and customize it however they would like based on taste. In my career, I am working with a company that produces customized tap handles. The tap handles are used to dispense beer out of a keg. These tap handles can  be made into anything: names, shapes, color, etc. The biggest problem that my client had was reaching and educating their intended consumer about the service that they provided. We used our online targeting capabilities to reach these consumers. The marketing plan was two fold. First we created an online display advertisement to reach these consumers that were searching for the service. We had a focus on main stream website as well as developing and enhancing a social media aspect. Tap handles are a social product so we had a heightened focus on education through social outlets. Second, we develped an email marketing campaign. This campaign was fairly simple an straight forward. We sent out targeted emails to individuals displaying the customized products that they produced. The result of the campaign was a success. Not only did we reach home brewers, but there were 6 local brewers looking for my client to produce customized tap handles for them.


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