Will you like me?

I think its safe to say that most people have someone in their lives that they call a friend. Someone who they talk to, hang out with and even trust. Typically we choose our friends based off of similar interests. We like to do and talk about similar things and arent constantly annoying one another. The reason that I have defined friendship is because of the emergence of social media in marketing. Social Media is the newest way for companies to connect with customers. It allows them to tell their story and show their value. Unfortunately, what most companies miss is the reason why social media is a success. Social media is an outlet for people to go to catch up with friends, get new ideas and simply be entertained. They DO NOT want to be sold to. Constant ads being pushed in their face will more likely cause them to “unlike” or “unfriend” you. A popular emerging term for placing ads on social media is “native marketing”. Native marketing is a companies strategy to provide content to its users or followers in an attempt to make it look like organic content. This can range from pictures, compelling articles, resources etc. It is a great way to become a resource and avoid being “dull”.


     Do you like me?

So what is my suggestion? Become a resource! Post interesting stories about you or your industry. Helpful tips or hints that the consumer will find useful. Become someone that they think they would like to talk to or even hang out with. This above all wil build trust. Traditional marketing suggests that the more times you reach a person with an ad the more likely they are to buy your product. Social media is different. People want to interact, so post a poll in which they can share their opinion. In current marketing trends, I like to think of social media as a party. If you invite someone to your party and just try to sell them things, they are probably going to leave. If you have music, food, drinks, things to do; then they will stay. Not only will they remember that they had a great time but they will come back! Now isnt that what we all want in a brand?


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