You should LOSE at hide and seek…

Growing up, the goal of hide and seek was to be the last one found. The reason being is that in hide and seek, that is how you won the game. I remember constantly looking for new and innovative places to hide in order to win. When it comes to your business and it’s website, it would be best for you to LOSE at this game. I am of course talking about being FOUND on search engines by individuals searching for you or the services that you provide.,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNE3tU9D7X1CC04fosYjZyMF2iec4w&ust=1425989466456134

Source: 21st Century Networker

The term that I am referring to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In today’s business landscape it is of the utmost importance for a business to have a website. The sole reason is that consumers are now seeking more information about a product or service prior to their purchase. Your website provides that consumer with the information and is the greatest influence for them to purchase what you are offering.

According to Forbes, there are 7 ways that SEO is uniquely important. I will focus on the main reasons that SEO is important for all businesses and the first one is keywords. As a company, you have to know your capabilities and understand how consumers are searching for your service. This is known as keyword research. When keyword research is done correctly it informs and enables your target consumer to take action. In some cases, it serves as an educational tool for customers who previously had no clue that you provided that service. Any search engine (good ones) will provide you with relevant content based off of your search. The below image provides you with an idea of the traffic after a search has been performed:,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNFGZr3HHjnONyXrh1hdscn9HxF4vw&ust=1426014454155868

This shows us that 91.5 percent of users in the U.S. and Canada are not going past the first page after performing a Google search. This demonstrates the Trust that individuals place on search engine results. If your company does not show up on the first page of results, there is a 91.5% that you will be missed. According to Vocus, 82% of shoppers use search to influence their purchasing decisions and 70% of those shoppers make a purchase in the near future.

For all of this is why I say that it is best to LOSE at the game of hide and seek when it comes to being found on search engines.


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